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Imprint and privacy

Creative Sensor NGO
Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Content and Editorial Responsibility
Alisa Kobzar / Gala Chyburovska

Web design and development
Sasha Pais

Liability for the Content of this Website
ROOMS verify all texts that appear on its website. Links to other websites are also carefully verified. ROOMS are not responsible for the content of other websites. If any illegitimate links are found on our website, please contact us. Our contact details can be found above in the imprint.

Copyright Notice
The copyright and usage rights of the contents of this website (graphics, photographs, sound files, videos and texts) are held by the Creative Sensor NGO. The Creative Sensor NGO explicitly reserves the right to prosecute any violations of its copyright and rights of use.

Data Protection
We don’t collect users’ personal data and don’t use Cookies, as well as analytics.