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in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

complex system 2000 m2
humanitarian hub
cultural events

Located deep underground in Zhytomyr, the 2,000m2 shelter is a complex set of interconnected rooms of varying sizes, from small rooms to halls for up to 150 people.

Locals and displaced persons from the zone of intense fighting are now arriving regularly at the shelter, which also serves as a humanitarian hub.

In order to distract people from the terrible realities of war, the NGO "Creative Sensor" is planning to initiate charitable collaborations with the Philharmonic Hall and the Drama Theatre, in order to organize concerts of chamber orchestras and theatre productions for children and adults.

For this purpose, we need the help in establishing and equipping at least one space of about 200 sq m with a capacity of 120-150 spectators.

A bomb shelter is a place where the audience and musicians or performers will not leave at the sound of a siren, as it is safe. The bomb shelter stage in Zhytomyr will be a unique place both in today's realities of war and in future peacetime.

With the support of the grant from House of Europe, the necessary basic repairments of the shelter are being made in order it to convert into an versatile space-transformer.


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15-03-2023            (001)

According to initial plans, within the framework of the ROOMS project, creative work was planned in the bomb shelter of the Vymiriuvach.

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Project in the reality of war

Please send your application to
Deadline: 01.03.2023 23:59 CET

Initially planned as a hybrid residency in Austria and Ukraine, ROOMS has changed its format to match the possibilities of Ukrainian participants.

Participants ︎︎︎

ROOMS (education) in detail

For the participants selected through the open call, an online tutorial series Binaural Production for Sound Artists will be available for 30 days. Each participant will receive a personal account from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) using Moodle, a well-known online learning platform.

In other words, the Ukrainian participants will have a unique opportunity to test drive the IEM professional training, and the Austrian participants will have access to the course materials that have not yet been presented in the KUG's curricula.

During these 30 days, in addition to personal access to the training materials, participants will always be able to stay in touch with the course teachers—both through their personal accounts and, if necessary, through personal consultation related to the course.

The goal of Rooms (education) is to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of spatial sound in binaural representation in personal artistic practice.

The final work of the course will be a sound composition or arrangement of your own composition or sound installation (up to ten minutes long), which will be published on this website and the ROOMS project’s playlist.

At the end of the course, two works will be selected from among the final works to receive special awards.

Brief history of ROOMS project

Since 2022, Ukrainians have been courageously fighting Russian aggression. The Creative Vymiriuvach team did not stand aside either, and from the very first days joined the activities of the Zhytomyr Volunteer Headquarters. During this period, many good deeds have been done for our Victory, some of which can be found in the blog posts of the “Shelter” section.

Before the war, we were preparing an international educational and musical project called ROOMS, a hybrid two-week residency for musicians, which was to be held in cooperation with the Institute of Electronic Music (IEM) of the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG) in Austria. Practical training was to take place in April 2022 simultaneously in Zhytomyr (Ukraine) and Graz (Austria).
A series of theoretical and practical offline workshops were planned, including the workshops on the virtualisation of the spaces by creating the Impulse Responses, working with the unique icosahedral loudspeakers array (IKO), developed in IEM (KUG).
We were planning to create a creative exchange platform for the Austrian and Ukrainian participants, which were supposed to work in pairs for creating the pieces in virtual environments and recording them in the real ones. Also, a series of concerts and installations in different physical spaces in Austria and Ukraine (including the bomb shelter of "Elektrovymiriuvach" JVC) was scheduled.

The war affected our plans but did not cancel them. The House of Europe supported our initiative to adjust the program of the ROOMS project and thus support Ukrainians in this difficult time of trial. Now this project has been divided into two areas. The first one is an educational series for artists in the field of electronic music. The second direction is the global restoration of the largest bomb shelter in Zhytomyr. We set ourselves the task of creating an art space in a place that is intended to save human lives. It is important to save not only the lives of Ukrainians but also the psychological state of the nation, to strengthen the strength of spirit and faith in the best!

ROOMS project is supported by the Grant for International Cooperation—the flagship program of the House of Europe, which finances joint artistic and creative projects of Ukrainian organizations and initiatives from the European Union and Great Britain, together with our long-time partner «Elektrovymiriuvach» JSC.


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