Stelios Tsiloglou - Ignatiadis

Stelios Tsiloglou - Ignatiadis was born and raised in Ioannina, Greece. From the age of seven until reaching adulthood, he was a student of the “Tsakalov" Conservatory, where he studied piano and advanced theory. In 2017 he started studying Composition in the Ionian University, Department of Music Studies focusing on Electroacoustic music. At the same time he attended trumpet lessons and participated in various free improvisation and free jazz ensembles. He is an active member of the live electronic music ensemble of the Ionian University "a.s.a.b.e." with which he has participated in many concerts. His practice at the moment focuses on acousmatic works using fixed media and also writing music for the performative arts, which was recently heard in the performances “too much” for a single man with a radio, and "Alice gets shrank by Fear" in collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Ioannina. From 2021, he participates with his works in the annual "Electroacoustic Music Days" and is an active member of HELMCA.