nalobi_zrobe (Kostiantyn Iakymov)

Kostiantyn is a multidisciplinary artist from Odesa, Ukraine, currently residing in Montreal, Canada with a background in engineering, data analysis, and music production. In his practice, Kostiantyn emphasizes the importance of self-liberation through engagement in grassroots movements, activism, and sound research enabling him to continue developing the language of decolonial aesthesis in the electroacoustic field.

His performances include improvisational sessions on stage using acoustic instruments such as saxophone, drums, chosen objects and synthesizers. Kostiantyn established a practice primarily focused on electronic sound design and production, experimenting with field recordings and studio live instruments recording and their further electronic/digital manipulation. He uses dictaphones, midi controllers, contact mics, pots, rocks, sticks, and various found objects in his performances as well as synthesizers and Ableton digital audio workstation.

Currently, Kostiantyn is researching possibilities of using quantitative and qualitative environmental data(field recordings, geolocation, sensory data) in musical practice where analyzed field data could act as a modulator for sounds generated/produced by performer.

// Artistic contribution to the Rooms project: