Ivan Skoryna



Ivan Skoryna is an experimental electronic musician from Kyiv, Ukraine. With a focus on exploring a wide range of experimental electronic music, unusual timbres and warped sounds , Skoryna can switch production styles. After releasing the debut EP "damage" via Czech label Gin&Platonic in 2019, Ivan has continued to release singles through various labels, including the aggressive banger "dumb fuck" for Polish label Glamour and the shiny, ironic, deconstructed étude "HARPCORE" for the international community series Mutants Mixtape, as well as various self-releases and live performances.

The "damage" EP was driven by the artist's interest in post-club and resulted in sharp textured compositions with elements of industrial and noise. Ivan's interest in poetry made itself felt not only on "damage" (with "love poem" by Richard Brautigan), but also in the conceptual live performance for Ukrainian formation Cxema (Skoryna's own untitled love poem), which is the most representative collection of her music to date. The later period of Ivan's practice has focused on incorporating orchestral instruments (brass, flutes, strings, etc.) into an electronic soundscape, which resulted in a live performance for the Heavy culture scene at the Nachasi festival and the soon-to-be-released single "Russia Delenda Est" with a pompous choir as a core instrument.